The House

How to reach us

To reach Tortola you can go through Puerto Rico or St. Thomas. There are many airlines which fly into these two islands and we've had luck with tickets through some of the discount services such as, etc. To go through Puerto Rico, fly to San Juan and then switch to a 45 minute flight to Beef Island (Tortola). If you go by way of St. Thomas, you must then switch to a ferry called either Smith's or Native Son and you will come into the west end of the island, which is nearer to us. We don't have a preference.

If you return through St. Thomas, allow extra time to clear customs (you go through customs in St. John, as the ferry makes a triangular loop).

Car Rentals

You will probably want a car at least part of the time. We can help you with the rental. Five-to-six passenger cars should be reserved as early as possible. Cars are driven on the LEFT-hand side of the road. The main roads are good, with just enough hills to be interesting. You'll want to keep your speed reasonable as there are a lot of speed bumps around the island. Some of the back roads are rough but passable. You will need your US, Canadian or EU driving license and a temporary Tortola license, purchased from the car rental agency for $10.00. Some of our people get by just calling taxis. Drivers are very reliable and this method may be cheaper for one or two people.

Some of the car rental agencies are:
ITGO (Road Town): Our primary car rental place, as they rent a wide variety of car classes and are very reasonably priced. Their email is
Denzil Clyne (West End): Denzil rents a ton of SUVs and jeeps and has locations on the West End.