The island has lots of good restaurants and Ewing House is particularly well located for eating out. Generally it's always a good idea to bring a swimsuit along just in case, as many have pools and/or small beaches nearby.

Long Bay Hotel
(Long Bay)

We love going to Long Bay as it's a two minute walk on the beach to get to.

They have more formal dining in the main restaurant, but their beach cafe is excellent and more casual, specifically great for lunch straight off the beach or for drinks.
Phone: 284-495-4252

Sugar Mill
(Apple Bay)

Our family's favorite place for breakfast (the plantation pancakes are wonderful).

Breakfast is served in the main building's restaurant (with its exposed stone walls and staircases) and lunch is best taken on the water, across the street at their small cafe (with a good fish and chips) that is built on a jetty out in Apple Bay and has amazing views.
Phone: 284-495-4355

Jolly Roger's
(Soper's Hole)

Right on the water a bit past the West End Ferry, Jolly Roger is one of the best restaurants on the island.

Across the harbor from most of Soper's Hole, it's a casual place where some of our friends love to spend the evening. Reservations are generally required during peak season.
Phone: 284-495-4559

Pusser's Landing
(Soper's Hole)

We especially like to go to Pusser's Landing for drinks and snacks in the evening.

This is at Soper's Hole and they have a good restaurant with some light food such as pizza and very good chicken wings. There's a more formal atmosphere above the harbor-level area as well. Finally, Pusser's in on the far West End of the island and has great sunsets.
Phone: 284-495-4603

Frenchman's Cay
(Soper's Hole)

Frenchman's Cay is a very nice restaurant.

A bit more formal and quiet, with excellent food. It's located near Soper's Hole
Phone: 284-494-8811

Peg Leg Landing
(Nanny Cay)

Located on the point of Nanny Cay, Peg Leg Landing is great spot for drinks and snacks on the way back from Road Town.

The restaurant faces the sunset and has a nice view of the islands in the channel. They have good food too though.
Phone: 284-494-0028

Blue Parrot Cafe
(Soper's Hole)

Blue Parrot Cafe is an excellent place for breakfast.

It's located in Soper's Hole and serves great home made yogurts, smoothies, french toast, etc. The food is unusual in a very positive way.
Phone: 284-495-4811

North Shore Shell Museum
(Carrot Bay)

Yes, a shell museum, but a great low-key place for breakfast and dinner.

The meals are very Caribbean (and good), portions are large, and the owner is awesome and has a great collection of old-island home made instruments. If you're chatty, ask him, you might even get to play along with him and he's got great stories of what the island was like before the airport, tourists, and the modern world arrived. Not your everyday place, but if you're social on vacation, a place to hit.
Phone: 284-495-4714

(Cane Garden Bay)

A great spot for breakfast, because Cane Garden is stunning.

But it can get crowded at times as it's so close to Road Town (though usually only for a few hours in the middle of the day, and it's not like we're talking Florida-crowded).
Phone: 284-495-4639

(Cane Garden Bay)

A great burger joint (even after they lost their signature, tire-swinging palm tree).

Few places feel more relaxed than Stanleys. Kind of hidden in the palm trees.
Phone: 284-495-9220

(Cane Garden Bay)

We think of it as more of a nightspot than anything else,

very popular bar at night, frequently with live reggae, as the owner's a reggae musician.
Phone: 284-495-4837

(Cane Garden Bay)

Nice new spot right next to Stanley's.

We haven't been too many times, as we're Stanley's loyalists for burgers at lunch, but it's a good spot for drinks in the evening.
Phone: 284-495-9649

(Mountain Road, above
Road Town)

Way up in the mountains, Skyworld has great views of the surrounding islands.

Give yourself enough time to get there though, as it takes awhile to get to and you want to have time with good light to look around.
Phone: 284-494-3567

La Dolce Vita
(Road Town)

Not a restaurant per se, but you'll be glad I noted it.

It's a little gelatto place right in the middle of Road Town. The gelatto is excellent and we don't make it out of Road Town without stopping there, sometimes multiple times a day. You're on vacation. Enjoy yourself.
Phone: 284-495-4837

Palm's Delight
(Carrot Bay)

Nice new spot on the water in Carrot Bay.

Great fish and roti dishes and very reasonably priced.
Phone: 284-495-4863

Josiah's Bay Beach Bar
(Josiah's Bay)

The place to go if you're surfing at Josiah's, the burgers are awesome, the best on the island.

It's the first place on your way in from the beach parking lot, the one that rents surfboards.
Phone: 284-495-4168

Fort Burt
(Road Town)

Located in the old fort above Road Town, it used to be a favorite (before it closed for remodeling).

We haven't been back since it reopened, so we can't attest to the new menu, but the buildings were great.
Phone: 284-494-8171

(East End)

A great new fusion place in the marina on your way to the airport or Marina Cay (it's right near Fat Hog Bob's).

Very good food, similar in style to Coco Plums. Same ownership as the little bistro near Pusser's in Road Town.
Phone: 284-495-2126